Lucia Burns, Realtor Extraordinaire, CNE
Lucia Burns

Lucia Burns, Realtor Extraordinaire, CNE
Realtor in Scottsdale, Paradise Valley & Fountain Hills

Realtor Hours vs Business Hours

If you have been in the real estate industry or know someone who is in the business, you know the hours. It’s a unique trait of real estate. The hours are “whatever it takes” to meet the goal.

There are over 42,000 active and competitive agents in the valley. If you think you can shut down for weekends or not take calls after 5Pm, you’re missing the mark for yourself or your client.
I stay on duty. Pretty much all the time. I have been relaxing late at night and seen a Zillow inquiry come in. I know you have about 5 minutes to get to that inquiry or they move on. I’m on it!

Real estate has a uniquely time sensitive quality. Properties can be “on the market” and between the time you printed the listing and scheduled the showing, it goes under contract. A good agent appreciates and responds to the flow of the market and has a reactive speed intended to be first and be fast.

Answer the phone. For the love of humanity…answer the phone. We know Time Is of the Essence and it’s a phrase I remember and repeat often. Many times I’m calling the agent, the co-list agent, texting, leaving messages and queue the sound of crickets. Sometimes it will happen that you can’t take a call, but generally agents gain a sense of arrogance that the business has to work around their mood and schedule thinking that’s the benefit of working for yourself. It’s the other way around. Your client is counting on you to not miss opportunities for them. You are the gate keeper and owe them your attentive diligence.

I don’t think I work for myself at all. I feel that I work for my clients, they’re my boss. And I want my boss to think I am extraordinary! I am a strong award winning leader and I know I was hired and trusted to deliver the results we agreed upon. Based on my knowledge of the market and expertise, I work extraordinarily hard to make it happen.

Every buyer and seller should demand the same of their agent. It’s the nature of the business. Extra hours! Extraordinary results.

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